Wasp Nest Removal

One thing you must never do is block up a wasp nest hole. I know it’s really tempting to do – that little squirt of silicon into the hole they are using…but it makes the problem very much worse.

Today we had an emergency call from a client who unfortunately did just this. Earlier in the week he noticed a few wasps going into the corner of the bathroom window, so decided as he was working from home this morning, to give it a little squirt with the mastic gun and sort them out by blocking the wasp nest entrance.

Next thing he knew there was about 500 wasps were in the bathroom and a few hundred very cross, aggressive wasps trying to get in the little hole they have always used, right outside the front door!

Needless to say, a quick call to Rapid Pest Control was all he needed to do. When I spoke to him, he was somewhat distressed, but as always, we respond to emergency situations very quickly and we were with him within 20 minutes.

First job was to deal with the wasps in the bathroom – we used a volume insecticide to drop and kill everything flying around, then had to dig out the silicon from the hole with quite a few very cross wasps buzzing around, before deploying an insecticide dust into the nest to kill the remaining larvae and wasps.

At the end of the job we had a very relieved  client – it turns out the wife only popped out for a bit and did not know about his DIY wasp nest control attempts, so did not have to face the wrath of his wife coming home to hundreds of wasps in the house!

So the moral of the story is Don’t block up  wasp nest holes – call Rapid Pest Control instead and stay in the good books with your wife!