Wild Birds

Whilst it is easy to think about our own issues in this icy weather, don’t forget to think about our wildlife.

Last night I saw several Blackbirds roosting UNDER my Landrover – this does not have any snow under it as I have not driven since the snow. This is highly unusual behaviour as they are subjecting themselves to huge risk from cats and foxes, so consequently they must be suffering.

A few tips for feeding the birds:

  • Dont just throw bread etc on the ground – this draws in rats and also makes the feeding area highly risky for birds as cats will attack
  • Put food out in small batches and at high level – on a bird table or a window sill or on top of your car
  • Make sure all the food is gone before putting more out – this will discourage Magpies, Crows and Rats
  • Do not leave food out over night
  • Put out fresh water as well – with everything frozen they are struggling for water
  • Hang out fat balls on washing lines or thin branches so rats can’t get them

Why not make your own fat balls – use meat juices and fat with bread, seeds and breakfast cereals – don’t forget to put a string in to hang them from – this will keep the kids busy too!

The majority of birds also become a bit tamer – the female blackbird pictured was in our garden about almost ate out of my hand!

As for our chickens, geese and ducks, I have put loads of straw down in their sheds and feed them in there – they pretty much stay in the sheds all day now – egg production has stopped completely though!

Don’t forget, if you do see rats at any point, contact me via the website or call Newbury 01635 247192 so we can deal with them for you.