Wood Worm Treatment

One of the great things about this job is that every day is totally different. This week has been no exception and with this great spell of good weather has really made a difference to everything. People are more friendly, plants and shrubs are just budding…..and of course all the bugs are starting to appear.

This makes it a perfect time to tackle problems like woodworm. I was commissioned by East Ilsley Parish Council, a small traditional village north of Newbury, to woodworm and dry rot treat one of those really traditional bus shelters we used to spend hours in as a kid.

The shelter is made of locally cut oak planks but over the years some woodworm have decided to make it their home. Rather than remove it and put up a modern trendy bus shelter, it was decided to preserve this and treat the problems instead.

The treaments used were pretty standard, however I always like to use environmentally friendly chemicals where ever possible. This consisted of an initial woodworm and dry rot treatment which penetrates deep into holes and the grain of the wood to kill all beetles, larvae and eggs, then a second treatment of solvent based wood preserver which also soaks deep into the wood inhibiting rot.

With such great weather, the treatments simply got sucked into the wood and dried to a perfect finish. I was delighted with the effectiveness of the treatment.

It was also a pleasure to be out in the first proper sunshine – even though I was adorned head to toe in protective gear, respirator and safety glasses!

If you think you have a woodworm problem, inside or outdoors, just contact us or call 01635 247192 for a consultation.