When we first came to Aourir, we used to see lots of people with strange green drinks in all the cafes along the street.

It took us a bit of time to work out what this was, but now it has to be one of our favorite lunches – Avo Smoothie and a mille-feuille cake (made with many layers of puff pastry and a custard filling).

When we get new visitors to see us, we always take them up the village to our favorite bakery which does the very best smoothies.

Whilst the base of the smoothie remains constant and delicious, the guys in the shop change the toppings of fresh fruit, nuts, and chocolate shavings regularly so you never know what will turn up at the table. This picture shows the village humour – they are so funny here!

But one thing for sure is that you will get the best smoothie ever. In all the years coming to this place, we have always had a great smoothie.

It’s nice to sit and watch the craziness of the village go by, we often bump into friends just going about their day.

The shop is always filled with locals, a good sign of quality. They do amazing cakes and biscuits too of course but the smoothie and cake are very filling so we never get to try them often.

Next time you are in Morocco, be sure to try this delicacy.