I just received a really great email from the customer of “Extreme Gardening” fame. I want to share this with you:

“Fantastic is the only word I can use to describe the service from Gardens4you – after a last minute panic to prepare our property with 1/2 acre gardens for letting (the last tenants were not ‘gardeners’ – they certainly didn’t lift a finger in the year they were there!) I found the website and emailed Graham, not really expecting a reply as most web-based enquiries systems are under-monitored. Not Graham’s! He called within 3 hours and arranged to attend the house 48 hours later to tame the lawns and hedges.

The allotted day didn’t dawn – it rained so heavily that it never actually got properly light – but Graham was there in full wet weather gear, attacking the wayward shrubs, hedges and grass in the monsoon. I fully expected him to at least call it off at lunchtime when the rain was still hammering down, but he completely the whole day like a Trojan and got everything we asked for done. A real trooper.

Fantastic job – we will certainly be recommending you – rainy season or not!”
Many thanks,


Now I know why I go out in all weathers, face daily danger with hedge cutters, chainsaws, lawn mowers etc – not to mention savage dogs (that’s another story!). It’s all about doing a great job, getting fantastic feedback from happy customers – and being away from an office of course!