At Rapid Pest Control, we work closely with a number of other trades people to solve issues for them – like wasp nest removal and wasp control. We get calls from all over the place, like Reading, Bracknell, Newbury, Basingstoke and Thatcham – prety much where ever they are working.

What normally happens is the other trade will get to site and start working, only to disturb a wasp nest and bring work to a stop. We have been working with a few different trades this week – chimney sweeps, scaffolders and painters, who all have had an issue.

Wasp Control Newbury

Very High chimney in Newbury for Wasp Control

What they need is somebody on site right away, deal with the problem and then get back to work – their reasons for choosing Rapid Pest control is that we respond very quickly, sort the problem and work with them – at a good price as well!

We have had a few “high adrenaline” jobs over the last few weeks. First one was a chimney fitter in Newbury who needed to line a chimney for a log burner. When they put the ladders up to start, a huge wasp nest was disturbed right in the lead flashing of the chimney….so a quick call to Rapid Pest control saw us on site within 20 mins and dealing with the problem – I have to say it was the tallest ladder I have ever climbed and I was somewhat frightened by this one…dealing with angry wasps at approx 70 ft up is not my idea of fun!

Then we had a problem with painters disturbing a very active wasp nest just above the gutter on an old Victorian house in Reading – thankfully they had a cherry picker on site, but this was pretty high too. I have to take my hat off to the operator who actually braved the wasp nest to take me up to do it – but he was pretty scared.

Wasp Control Reading

Using a cherry picker for Wasp Control in Reading

Then in Bracknell, window fitters and scaffolders uncovered a pretty big wasp nest as they ripped of the old sofits in a refurb, but luckily, with scaffolding in place it was quite an easy wasp nest removal once you got up there – but all done and dusted within 1 hour of the call.

So if you have trades working on your property or are a tradesman who comes across pest problems like wasp nests, contact Rapid Pest Control now to get your guys back to work safely and save you coming off site.