Car Hire

Most of the major car hire operators work out of Agadir Airport, and their desks are in the arrivals area. It is essential to book before you go to avoid disappointment on arrival.

There are many independent operators who have a variety of vehicles available – we always us a local firm called Lotus Cars. As part of the deal, they collect you and drop you off again at the end of your holiday (saving you about 700 Dirhams in taxi fares!). The cars are not new, but all are in excellent condition and considerably cheaper than the main operators.

Driving in Morocco

Firstly, Moroccans drive on the left hand side (as France). A normal UK licence is sufficient and you do not need an international licence. When driving, it is advisable to always have your documents with you in case you have an accident or get stopped at a checkpoint.

Moroccans drive with passion, so don’t be surprised about being overtaken and cut up – also they use the horn loads – don’t get upset it’s just how they drive. Outside the towns, driving is very easy and the roads are in good condition. Sign posts are a bit sparse as are fuel stations, so always make sure you know where you are going and that you have plenty of fuel for the journey. Also carry water and food on board if you are going on long trips – just in case!

One thing to be very careful of is speed traps – just about every 60km speed zone and village has one so please watch out for them. Other drivers do let you know by flashing, but they are everywhere. Also, when approaching a checkpoint, slow right down at the roadblocks and wait to be flagged on – as tourists they normally wave you pass, but it pays to be told to go and then wave on the way passed.

Drink driving is strictly illegal as is drugged driving and the penalties are severe so don’t.