When you arrive, you got into the main terminal. you must fill in immigration forms that can be found in boxes  around the area. The queues can take some time, but be patient as you are now in Africa! Once through clearance, you can collect your baggage and then proceed to customs. The officials seem to xray everything again before you leave. You have to exit the building completely and cross the road to meet your travel reps or get taxis.

There are several cash points in the airport terminal so we suggest you get some cash out there.

If you have chosen to book car hire then you will be met at the Airport by a Car Hire representative who will wait for you with a board that will have your name on. The representative will take you to your Car Hire Office to complete the forms. The drive from the Airport into Agadir is only 35 minutes, but it will give you a chance to take a look at the Moroccan road system and also to get used to being on the right side of the road.

As you will not have got any currency you will need to ask the representative to stop at an ATM in order for you to get local currency, you must pay for your car hire in cash. For a small car you can expect to pay around 350 dirham per day. Once the money is exchanged and the forms are completed you can then drive.

If you have chosen to get a taxi, look for the approved taxi drivers – there is a fixed fee scheme in place, so a trip to Aourir will cost 350 Dirhams depending on your arrival time.

Whilst you are in Agadir, if you want to have some alcohol on your roof terrace it is advisable to go to a supermarket (Carrefour) as there is nowhere in Aourir that can sell you Alcohol (except the Hotel ……which is very expensive) whilst in the Supermarket you can also get some water as you cannot drink the water in Morocco.

Once you have done all of this then the road to Aourir is a straight road – it will take you about 10-15 minutes. You will know when you are getting close to Aourir as you will see flowers in the middle of the road outside the Holiday home of the King.