Travel Insurance for a trip to Morocco

Morocco is a magnificent holiday destination and the perfect holiday whether you are looking for an action filled holiday adventure or a luxury vacation. Morocco is a very safe place to visit but, as with any other holiday abroad, you must purchase travel insurance before you go away.

Whenever you travel outside of the UK you must have insurance that covers you for if you need medical assistance. Any medical treatment you require can cost hundreds or even thousands. This is why your insurance should have cover for at least £2 million worth of medical expenses.

You also need to make sure any activities you are planning on taking part in while you are in Morocco are covered by your travel insurance policy. For example activities such as camel back riding and trekking may not be covered in a travel insurance provider’s basic insurance policy so it is worth checking your provider’s policy wording before purchasing the insurance. You should be able to find the policy wording on the provider’s website or you can phone them up directly to enquire.

Most insurance provider’s offer insurance cover under the following areas:

  • Australia and New Zealand,
  • Europe,
  • US and Canada,
  • or Worldwide.

Although Morocco is actually in Africa most travel insurance providers cover Morocco under the destination “Europe”. This is because Morocco along with other Northern African countries such as Egypt and Tunisia are on the Mediterranean coastline and they are also very popular travel destinations. Therefore most travel insurance providers cover Morocco under Europe to make it cheaper for you. You will find most travel insurance providers cover Morocco under Europe but it always worth checking this on their websites.

By taking out travel insurance for your trip to Morocco you will be able to relax while you are away safe in the knowledge you are covered for any unexpected eventualities.

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