This time of the year, with the cold and snow all around, our thoughts turn to booking a holiday to get some sunshine. We just want something to look forward to once Christmas is all over and the long cold months ahead are all we seem to have to cope with.

I do not think we are alone with this activity. All the travel companies start their advertising campaigns on Boxing Day, just to get you thinking about summer sun.

The great thing about Morocco is that it pretty much has sunshine all year round – Agadir has on average 300 days of sunshine! Of course it still rains and sometimes its cloudy, but temperatures are always early 20’s so it is always warm.

With cheap flights and good scheduling, carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet are making Morocco very accessible and of course cheap. If you have never been to Morocco, then a 2 city tour is a great idea, we would suggest Marrakesh first, then catching a bus to Agadir – the contrast is amazing from hustle and bustle to relative calm (for Morocco anyway). You also get to see lots of countryside as well.

We would, of course, suggest staying at a self catering establishment like Villa Ramalah, which offers a low cost way to spend time in a beautiful privately owned Beach Front Villa in Aourir, a small traditional fishing village 10km north of Agadir, where time stands still – but the surf doesn’t!

With 2 surf schools right next door, it is an ideal chance to try something different and learn a new exciting sport like surfing or body boarding. Fishing, walking and exploring this little village will give you an insight into traditional Morocco.

So why not contact  us to check price and availability – we have frozen prices for 2011 – and place a booking from March onwards.