The Morgan Project is completed.

The really great thing about a large project is the before and after pictures are really radical.

During the job, you don’t have time to sit and look too much – you are focused on making sure you are on time and doing the best job possible, overcoming the myriad of problems that get thrown at you, making sure the materials are on site (and correct!) etc etc.

I often puzzle at some tradesmen. When I have had work done at my house by electricians or plumbers etc, they seem to spend most of their time at the wholesalers getting parts and bits. These are not generally “odd bits” but the run of the mill stuff like switches, tee joints, elbows etc – every day bits that you must have to do any job – a real mystery. Most tradesmen have a large transit van or the like – surely a bit of on board stock would be better rather than a ton of rubbish which generally fills them?

This would drive me mental as I do not want to leave site to get materials. I always plan and get everything delivered to my office – or have them ready for collection the night before or at least early in the morning on the way to the job. Sometimes you have to leave site if you run into a problem, but generally you make a plan.

The only problem we faced with materials was a few hinges believe it or not! I tried 2 suppliers and couldn’t get any – so Nigel popped down the town and found some for me whilst we carried on finishing off.

The before and after pictures were kindly supplied by Nigel – I hope you agree the new fence makes a big difference to the look of the garden.