We are very fortunate as we live right on the beach. We are also very fortunate that one of our very good friends is Sherif, a local fisherman and legend in the village. We met Sherif many years ago when we first came to Aourir and over the years have become very fond of him. He is so hospitable and welcoming and as with most of the people we know in the village, will share everything he has with you.

Sherif has many dogs, so we assist in getting them medicine, food and anything else we can help with as he will never take anything directly from us – so its our way of thanking him for just being a good friend.

Nothing gives Sherif more pleasure than inviting us over for a fire on the beach in front of his very humble Fishermans hut. Fires on the beach are pretty much forbidden in general terms, however, Sheriff has built a large fire pit and collects all the driftwood off the beach so he can entertain.

For my wife Karen’s recent birthday, Sherif invited us over with some friends to just sit and drink tea and tell stories in front of the fire, so how could we possibly refuse! So once the sun went down, we made our way over to the fishermen huts and to our surprise, Sherif had decorated the fire pit with lights, all for Karens birthday!

Soon, the fire was lit and we all settled down to listen to the waves, look at the stars, drink delicious tea and share tales – a perfect evening just chilling. Throughout the evening, people appear and join in, some bring drums and guitars and then start singing and making music – it just happens here.

If you get the chance when you come to Morocco, whether it’s on the beach or in the desert, try and get invited to a fire. I am sure you will never forget the experience.