I get some strange and unusual calls from time to time – last week there was one I have not had before.

I got a call from a really nice couple who had just moved into a beautiful farm cottage near Inkpen. Basically the problem was that they have a small Norfolk type terrier which has never been in the countryside as it has lived in London, which now had a huge garden and wood to run around in – with no fence.

When I went to look at this job, the rain was pouring down and both the customer and I got soaked walking round the site. We agreed that the best thing to do was a rabbit type fence around the back garden.

I must be getting soft because I agreed to work on the Bank Holiday Saturday as the dog could not live there without the fence. Having been without my dogs in the past when moving houses I know how this feels.

As it turned out, the fence was a nightmare to put up and it took all of Saturday plus Sunday morning – again working in the pouring rain, but we got it finished and Yogi now has a brilliant run – the enclosure is approx 180 square metres, and I have a delighted customer.

One really good thing was the bacon sarnies, cake and constant flow of tea – I wish all customers were like this!

The rest of the plans for the weekend were scuppered due to the awful weather – I was due to go salmon and sea trout fishing with my uncle and cousin in Devon, but instead me and the wife lit a big fire as it was so cold, crawled under the blankie and watched films all day – luckily the kids were at “sleepovers” so we had peace and quite all day.