When we renovated villa Ramalah, one of the most important things we wanted to achieve is to preserve the existing trees and bushes in the garden. During the building work some of the plants were damaged, but luckily after a few years they are now back to full health. One sign of this is that for the first time, we have bananas on the banana trees. Whilst they are fairly hardy, all conditions must be just right for them to produce fruit, so I was delighted when I saw a huge bunch of immature bananas hanging off the tree.

This region is famous for it’s banana production and they are the lovely small, sweet bananas that everybody loves. Behind the villa, the fields are full of banana trees. The beach out the front of the villa is called banana beach as well, apparently named by Jimmie Hendrix. This was one of hisĀ favoriteĀ areas and he had a house at the top of the village at some point.

Also, our pomegranate or grenadine tree is in full fruit too. This gorgeous fruit is very popular in morocco. It is full of succulent gel covered seeds which taste amazing. This hushed produced a few fruits last year but has really flourished this year producing many flowers and fruits, which hopefully will be fully formed on our return in October, providing Hassan has not eaten all of them!

One thing there is no shortage of in Aourir is the fantastically fresh fish from this rugged coastline. If, like me, you prefer to catch your own, then fishing is a very popular way of life in Aourir and there is plenty of local advice on how to catch them. I have enjoyed many a great meal after an evenings fishing, all thanks to Hassan and his uncle’s help and encouragement! We had these two for lunch – amazing flavour and a fresh as you can get – perfect!

If fishing is not for you, walk up the village to the daily fish Market and buy whatever you like…don’t forget to haggle though or you will pay over the odds!

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