We are getting lots of calls from worried customers who have issues with their fruit trees being over-loaded with fruit – so much so that limbs are breaking off.

This year seems to have produced an abundance of fruit on most trees, probably due to the mild but wet summer and the early sunshine in the spring which produced loads of blossom.

This really highlights the problem of fruit trees which have not been pruned properly in the past. Unfortunately, there is not a lot which can be done at this time of the year – only to pick the fruit as soon it becomes ripe to minimise the risk of further damage, then get us in to sort out your trees over the late autumn and winter.

A well pruned fruit tree will actually produce more fruit of better quality. I have recently visited several properties where the only possible solution will be to cut down and remove some really lovely trees which have literally split in two – all the pruning in the world will not bring these back.

Fruit tree pruning is one of our specialities so why not give us a call or drop and email to us so we can get your fruit trees under control and producing for many years to come – just click on this link