Picture: Spot the madman on the tractor!

We try our best to help customers out. We move heaven and earth to fit in jobs which must be done for one reason or another. This weekend was no exception.

I had a call late Thursday from a customer who we have a large garden clearance job booked with us in a few weeks time. This customer manages some very large properties in the Newbury area and most are, or are about to be renovated.

Anyway, the call went along the lines of “Can you pop and see a really urgent job for me – we need to get the Walled Garden cleared before next week”. So I was given the address and off I went Thursday evening. Now I am pretty good at finding places, but this one was a challenge – luckily the local gamekeeper was passing and pointed me in the right direction.

As I pulled into the drive of this massive house, the Walled Garden was easy to spot as it was surrounded by a 10 foot high wall – hence the name I suspect! I walked over to the gate and pushed – nothing happened – so I pushed harder and it slowly moved a few inches, just enough for me to see a wall of brambles and nettles at least 8 feet high!

A feeling of dread washed over me as I squeezed in. I have never seen anything like it. I beat a retreat and walked around the side, where luckily there was a full sized gate. Nothing short of a serious tractor and brushcutter would cope with this.

So Friday morning I sorted out a tractor and swipe from the guys at A4 Hire in Hungerford for collection later in the day.

The picture above shows me on the tractor during my first pass – the area itself was about 1 acre – full of Horse Flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other nasty flying objects and the ground was littered with rocks, branches and tree stumps – driving blind on unknown ground is very scary as many people turn tractors over when swiping – so progress was slow.

I don’t think I have every been stung and bitten so much.

Anyway, job done, customer sorted and area restored to normal.