Image taken looking up the garden

This week we provided a garden restoration to one of the unfortunate flood victims in Shaw. Since the floods, all the houses in this small cul-de-sac have been pretty much empty and so now work has begun to get the poor people back to normality once more.

This particular job was quite difficult as access to the rear of the property was only available via a kind neighbour – otherwise it would have been through the house. The garden was in a terrible state – all the extra water and the sun made excellent growing conditions and brambles, weeds grass etc took over very quickly. There was also an old pond which had never really been sorted out and some unusual brick work created by a previous owner which really served no purpose which had to go.

The brief was to get the whole garden under control, fill in the pond, remove the brickwork feature, uncover some paviers, level off where possible and re-seed the lawn area. We decided that turfing was not an option as nobody was able to water it regularly at this moment in time.

This garden needed to be low maintenance moving forward. Removal of the shed was also going to be part of this job, however the insurance company had not made the decision on this at the time of us doing this clearance so we will return for this in the future.

After quite a few hours of brush cutting and strimming, we cleared the jungle, then moved our attention to dismantling the brick work and using the rubble to fill in the pond area. Once done, we started the long and painful process of moving several tonnes of topsoil from the front of the property through the obstacle course of next doors garden and into the garden we were working on. This is when we discovered our broken trailer!

Anyway, the rest of the job went very well and we just managed to get the fertiliser and grass seed down as it started to pour with rain – good for the seed mind you!

Take a look at the Before and After shots – its quite a difference!

Image taken looking down the garden