The travel insurance marketplace is a bit of a minefield, but one worth checking out properly BEFORE you need it.

Our advice is that when you travel outside the UK you must have be sure to have travel insurance insurance that covers you for medical assistance including re-patriation.

Medical treatments abroad generally costs hundreds or even thousands of pounds, even for a fairly minor incident Your insurance should have cover for at least £2 million of medical expenses.

If you are planning to do any activities whilst in Morocco, you must check that the policy covers you for this activity. For example activities such as horseback riding, quad biking, surfing, camel back riding and trekking may not be covered in a basic travel insurance policy so it is worth checking the policy wording before purchasing the insurance or speak to them about the cover and get it backed up in writing before you buy.

Interestingly, although Morocco is in Africa most travel insurance providers cover Morocco under the destination “Europe” because Morocco is on the Mediterranean coastline and they are also very popular travel destinations. This may make a policy cheaper than normal, so it’s worth checking up.

Don’t be caught out like the recent incident on the news where a young couple forgot to get insurance cover and the girl fell off a balcony and broke her back. It’s a living nightmare if you get caught out like this. Luckily, donations from the public got them back safely and we wish her a speedy recovery.

If you travel a lot, its worth getting an annual policy so you don’t have to think about it – these can work out very cheap in comparison, so again its worth thinking ahead.

For more information and advice see the Travel Insurance Guide website which offers both information and reviews about all the 79 travel insurance providers in the UK.