One question we are asked a lot is how to get around in Agadir and the surrounding area.

Basically, there are 3 ways:

  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Car Hire


Grande Taxi

There are two types of taxi, the Grande Taxi or the Petit Taxi. The Grande Taxis are usually large Mercedes, generally in white (they are blue in Essouaria), which almost certainly have seen better days and have at least 200 thousand Km on the clock! The Grande Taxis do the longer trips, usually from the airport or between villages etc. There are no meters so you need to agree the price before you embark. The price from the airport is fixed at 350Drh to Agadir, but apart from that, you need to haggle.

Getting one of these taxis is pretty easy, they are everywhere, you just hail one as normal.

If you are travelling from outside Agadir from a village like Aourir, you may find you are sharing the taxi with several other people – I am not sure of the limit of people that can get in, but 6 or 7 people is common. Most taxi drivers speak a little English. Prices to Agadir from Aourir is about 7Dh for a shared taxi and 15dh to Taghazout – all you do is shout when you want to get out.

Petit Taxi

The Petit Taxis are small orange Peugeot 206 and do trips within Agadir only. They are not permitted to travel outside the city, not even to the airport.

Most of these Petit Taxis are complete wrecks, so when you use one make sure it has seats at least! They carry a maximum of 3 people and generally zoom about all over the place. Again, getting the price agreed before the trip is vital – there is plenty of choice so dont be worried about driving a hard bargain. Most speak English to a degree and this is a really fun way to see the sights in Agadir – especially the main Souk or the Kasbar – most will double up as guides, or they will know a friend that will help you!

Prices do vary, but on average for short trips it’s about 10 Drh or less.



Alsa Bus

This year, the whole fleet has been updated to a modern bus fleet, so they are clean, fast and easy to catch. Bus stops are in most villages and the services seem to run very regularly. Last year we took the old bus service, which was an interesting experience to say the least! Even on the new buses, you will almost certainly be sharing your seat (if you are luck to get one) with a goat or chicken!

Prices are really cheap – from Aourir to Agadir town centre is about 5dh, and from Taghazout its about 17dh, so it’s a really great way to just pop into town, why not do it just for the experience!

Car Hire
We use a local company, Lotus Cars, who provide reliable service. The cars are not new, but all are very clean and functional – aagin this is relected in the cost. Car hire is about 300 Dh per day on average, but normally you can get a deal on long term bookings.

So if you want to travel about using different methods, there are plenty on offer, so hiring a car is not essential, but if you do want the independence and ability to travel further afield, then hire a car.

Other options

You could of course go really native and go Moped…!