Graham and I used to ride most Sunday mornings with the girls back in England (we are going back about 15 years though!) so the thought of getting back on a horse when one is slightly older, a bit wonky and very unfit filled me with a little anxiety.

However, we have a lovely little ranch just a 10 minute (if that) walk from our house that has a really good collection of horses for both beginners (eh that would be me then) and experienced riders (Graham of course!) so this morning started with a lovely ride on the beach.. which in hindsight has to be one of the best ways to start the day.

Denise told me what horse would suit my ability and the horse chosen for me was Luna, the perfect pick…such a beautiful horse, very steady and most importantly very safe. She was a wonderful ride, and after an hour or so on her, I think I have found my horse. Graham rode Tilila, a horse that is head strong but again very safe, Graham fancied a gallop on the beach and she was just the horse to deliver.

We had such a lovely time (thanks guys), if you want to take a ride when you are in Agadir, I can certainly recommend Amodou Cheval┬áthe horses are extremely well cared for, and you’ll find one that suits you, and you can pick an hour or two… or even go for a few days and camp out.

Take a look at a couple of pictures below…

After our early morning ride we needed to complete some transporting. These days, not a day passes where we don’t get involved some how with rescuing / saving / or transporting dogs. And today was no different. Unfortunately, one of the dogs from the ranch who had been re-homed hadn’t settled so well, so the decision was made to bring him back to where he was born. On arrival to our destination just outside Agadir, we were greeted, in a typical friendly Moroccan way of lunch with the biggest Couscous, tea and biscuits.

Once the lunch was devoured, we popped “Buggy” into the back of the car, to drive him back to the ranch… the photo below shows me holding another ranch puppy, we named him Murphy.

If you do happen to go for a ride, say hello to the dogs, they are all friendly and welcome a pat and cuddle!

So now back to our own dogs, for a walk on the beach and dinner just for Millie who we are still feeding 3 times a day.. then the final job of the day is to visit the Souk for the weeks shop, we’ll take the camera soon to get pictures of our favourite characters there.

We thought time would slow down a bit over in Africa, that hasn’t happened.. we are still maniacally busy, but doing what I just don’t know!