Falling ill or getting a serious dental problem whilst travelling is probably one of the top fears of travellers especially in Africa.

What are the options?

Most villages have at least one doctor and a dentist. The village in Aourir has several doctors, one lady actually speaks excellent English and can help or refer you to a practice in Agadir. Aourir has 2 dentists, one who specialises in one treatment – extraction – Wild horse would not have dragged me into his chair and the other is very good.

In Agadir there a plenty of doctors, private hospitals and clinics and also a myriad of dentists.

I recently had a dental issue and was recommended a root canal specialist in Hassan II Avenue. I was somewhat surprised as this dentist’s surgery was ultra modern. Nobody spoke a single word of English, but the dentist was very nice and ushered me into the treatment room. The equipment was brand new, much better than our dentist in England! One thing that does translate is “Root Canal”, which he did there and then!

After an hour in the chair, all sorted. I was then dreading getting the bill. I had been quoted £380 in the UK so was expecting a hefty bill for an emergency Saturday morning treatment but was shocked and surprised by the £90 bill. Now that’s the kind of shock I like.

you do have to make sure you are covered by your travel insurance to make sure you can claim this all back when you return home, or if you are living here for a while, that you can get your own medical insurance to cover it.

So don’t panic if you get a health or dental issue in Morocco, ask around and you will get a great doctor or dentist with modern equipment in Agadir. The other thing I would recommend is to go on Facebook and look for the Expat pages in your town, most have a page and they are full of information that will help you.