I went to a wasp nest job on a horse farm just north of Hungerford recently. Nothing that unusual about this as for the last few weeks I have been just about everywhere in Berkshire dealing with wasps nests – hence few blogs as we have been so busy with the Yellow Army!

Anyway, I had a couple of nests to attend to on the farm, the owner of which was one of those really straight talking no nonsense Aussies Рa real great guy who was full of complements about our quick response to his call (from call to visit was just over an hour). One nest was a ground nest in the field which had badly stung a prize horse on the face, and one in a mobile home which was about to be used for a riding academy, so a huge wasp nest in one of the bedrooms was not really going to make anybody happy.

He had bought a can down the DIY store to have a go himself, but when he opened the door and saw this nest, he changed his mind pretty quickly! I must admit it was pretty scary as there is not much room in these caravan so get out and they were pretty cross about everything, but I did the job and all was fine.

After taking off my suit, I popped into the yard to bid farewell, when Russ, the client, said in that great Aussie accent “Hey mate, do you do rats too?” to which I reply of course we do, ” Well we have some bloody giant rats here mate, do you think you can sort them?”. Always up for a challenge, I said “No worries, show me where they are”.

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather as when we walked around the corner of the shed, there facing me are 3¬†Wallaby’s!

Rat Controlrodent problemWasp Nest removal

Of course all the stable hands must have seen this type of show before, and were rolling around laughing at the shocked look on my face! I had to go and get the camera as nobody would ever believe me.

Its days like this that make doing this job truly fun – great clients and a good laugh. I cant wait to go up and visit again as the whole place had such a good atmosphere and a buzz (forgive the pun!).

If you have giant rats, contact us now so we can deal with them – we even deal with smaller rats and mice too! Or of course any pest problem!