It had to happen at some point.

You can’t run successful businesses without the odd thought of taking over the world – well today I had my first trans-Atlantic enquiry.

Though the power of Google, I was found by a lady in New York, USA who wants to give a gift of our gardening services to a close relative.

Initially, I didn’t read the email too closely – general fatigue and years of “skim reading” only allow you to see certain parts that interest you – so I had mental visions of a flight to New York to do a site survey, leading to all sorts of ideas of how to get the equipment over there, or invest in a New York office etc.

Then I read it again – the recipient of the gift lives in Newbury, Berks.

I was a little disappointed not to go to NY, but nevertheless I would love to do this for the lady in question.

Anybody in South Africa who wants a bit of gardening – please just email me as I don’t need too many excuses to go there!!

I am glad to see that all the money I spend on Google each month gets me found – nice one Google and of course my fantastic website as supplied by Webbuildpro