I have had a great week.

You all know my hatred for Leylandii, so this week we had the pleasure of removing some more!

I was not due to do this job this week, but I still cannot get fence panels to do a large contract in Reading. Thankfully both customers fully understand, a big thanks to Jeanne in Reading for being so patient and understanding, and Mr Lewis for allowing us to bring his job forward.

The job at Boxford near Newbury has a few phases, repairing a large close board fence, which we did a few weeks ago, removal of this large Leylandii and replace with a post and rail fence to match up with the existing fence, remove yet more Leylandii and replant with Privet and a few other little jobs.

We really wanted to get all the trees down before the birds started nesting, so this was a really great time to do it. As it happens, we did have a few problems as with all jobs, however this was more mechanical failure of equipment rather than the work.

Firstly our chipper decided to give up the ghost, so I had to rely on good old Cliff from Snelsmore Ponies to allow me to dump the trees on his land to chip later. Then my trailer wheel bearing finally said enough as well – so its being repaired whilst we are away next week.

One really funny bit of the job was my helper. He had not used a post auger before and he thought that he would try to do a hole on his own, despite my warnings! Well you can imagine what happened….yes it was something off of “you’ve been framed” with him spinning round and round as the drill hit a root! I nearly peed myself!

Check out the before and after pics above – it was a pretty radical change.

We fly off to get married today, so will post a few pics when we get back