As well as loads of grass cutting being tackled, we are also flat out on hedges too.

You know when your grass is long when you have to hire a tractor and a paddock swipe to get in the gate! We did two jobs last week where we were confronted with jungles – one was Yogi’s owners who needed the front paddock cutting down to size as well as strimming off Yogi’s run – the other was a new customer who wanted a first cut.
We hired a tractor and swipe from A4 Hire in Hungerford as Paul and his team are very helpful and priced right and set off to do the jobs. Yogi’s house was pretty easy really, but then the other one made up for it. When a 40hp tractor in low range first gear still can’t get through the grass you know you are in trouble.

We did manage to finish it and then cleared 2 huge trailer loads of hay off the garden.

As for hedges, one of the best tools I have bought has been the chipper. I devastates all manner of vegetation and reduces the mass to a more manageable level as well as making clearing up much quicker – also it produces really good compost material or wood chips for the garden.

My chipper is a Jobeau, acquired from Neil and Kalehurst Garden Machines in Hermatige (see picture). This machine caters for the mid range chipper market and really does a brilliant job – maximum capacity is about 4″ of Leylandii or Willow but in bang for buck terms, really kicks arse against the more costly chippers out in the market.

We have put most stuff through it and I have had no problems to speak of – the blades are a little difficult to change but this only needs to be done about every 30 – 40 hours of use – unless the guys put stones in it!
Before we bought it, Neil said “Bring in a few branches etc and we will show you it working”. Rather foolish thing to say when you are half way through a tree clearance job – so we turned up at the shop with trailer loaded up to the brim.
After the shock, Neil wheeled out the chipper and we all set to work chipping the trailer load. I was impressed to say the least and ordered one the next day (Neil said I would!). Since then, its been pretty much in constant use – a good investment.