Over the years I have been interviewed many times both on TV and radio all over the country – I even got a call from a mate in South Africa saying he was watching me on Sky News in Johannesburg…just shows the power of the media.
Earlier on this week, I got a call whilst on site from our local radio station BBC Radio Berkshire, who I speak to quite often, about a quick interview on rats and the recent flooding (rats seem to be a favourite topic for both TV and Radio), and could I go on the air live in a few moments with Tony Blackburn…of course never a problem.

So there I am, sat on a railway station where we are doing some bird protection in West Sussex, getting interviewed by Tony Blackburn…surreal or what!

Anyway, I have not spoken to Tony before, but he is a true professional without doubt, and the interview went as smoothly as any interview I have done – take a listen and enjoy! I was worried a train might come past but hopefully it didn’t!

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Here it is just click on it to listen:

Tony Blackburn interview