We have recently completed a really nice job which has been going on for quite a few months on and off over at Oxenwood near Hungerford. We have been working with our great friend Annie Nicholl of Annie Nicholl Garden Design who is simply brilliant at getting the planting and design schemes just right – She is so good, she designed my garden!

This job started about December and my first involvement was to dig a trench for a new Beech hedge and dig over some ancient flower beds which had not been touched for about 25 years – the digging was tough – but the weather was worse. Being on the edge of Salisbury Plain, we have seen some amazing extremes of weather including high winds, driving rain, snow and even blistering heat as well.

The customer was great, always on hand to assist and get feedback throughout the job and really hands on at every opportunity – with a project of this size sharing the pain and the success really make the whole job go so much better.

We used our friends at A4 Hire in Hungerford extensively for a range of diggers, rotovators, power harrows and god knows what else over the months and as always they were very helpful and had everything we needed.

Our final day was about a week ago when we did the icing on the cake – the turf. Rolawn Medallion turf is the best and we use this all the time – a bit more costly but nice turf which lays well and looks great from day one.

The customer wrote some kind words which he has allowed me to use as follows:

“We have recently undertaken a significant “makeover” of our largish garden. The team from Garden4You were major contributors to the success of the project. Excellent planning and high quality, cost-effective solutions from a team who were a pleasure to have on site and for whom nothing was too much trouble.”

DH of Oxenwood

The Team really liked working here – I can’t wait until the next project!

PS Pictures to follow……