One of the best things I have bought over the last few months has been a tool called a Henchman. This is basically a portable hedge cutting platform which allows you to very safely cut hedges without risking life and limb on scaffolding, ladders or other such crazy things – I know a guy who actually straps a scaffold tower to the back of his trailer and cuts his hedges this way – it works so I don’t knock it, but HSE would surely have a blue fit!!

The product I bought (they are actually based in Newbury as well so its even better for local business) was from their professional range – the Midi, which allows you to cut hedges up to 11’6″ with ease. Some jobs I have won recently require a higher platform than this – so guess what, they provide an extension device which fits the Midi – now I have just added another meter to my platform.

This tool allow one man operation without loads of hassle.

They are expensive and probably out of most pockets, but as a professional tool – its just brilliant and I cannot live without it – check out and tell them I sent you!

The other great devise I have is my MP3 player – a Creative Zen Micro – I don’t leave home without it – the ear pieces fit under my ear defenders as well so I can bop whilst I cut.