Bee Swarm Removal

At this time of year, especially with the lovely sunny weather we are getting, the first honey bee swarms are starting to emerge.

Whilst this looks very frightening indeed, especially when the swarm just appears and attaches to a tree or shrub in your garden, its just part of the reproductive cycle of honey bees.

The main thing is not to panic – the bees are far more interested in the queen than anything else, so just back off and leave them alone until the bee swarm can be removed by an experienced bee control operative from Rapid Pest Control.

Films like Swarm and the like have done the humble honey bee no favours in this regard and in our experience people are becoming less tolerant of insects in general. Insects are vital to the ongoing survival of the planet, so love them or loath them – we really need them.

Very large swarms make an incredible noise which often is the first alert you will get of a bee swarm developing, but if you look towards the sound you will soon see many bees swarming in a bush or tree. If this happens, Rapid Pest Control’s advice it simple:

  • Do not attempt to disturb the swarm
  • Keep well away and let them continue in peace
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Keep pets away
  • Call Rapid Pest Control on Newbury 01635 247192

Our aim is never to kill a swarm, we capture and remove the bee swarm and re-locate to a hive where the feral bees will create a new colony. In some cases, termination may have to take place, but this is rare and will be avoided where ever possible.

So if you have a bee swarm appear in your house or garden, call Newbury 01635 247192 or contact us via the website for one of Rapid Pest Control’s bee swarm experts to remove the problem for you.