It’s pretty unusual that you get a hornets nest and wasp nest close together as hornets will attack wasps nests. I did this job recently and saw a wasp nest about 8 – 10 feet away from a very active hornets nest, so thought I would share the video.

This video also shows one of the types of equipment we use to destroy wasp and hornets nests – the Duststick. We have been using this tool for a number of years and it is highly successful. Basically, it is a set of poles which joint together giving a long reach up to the roof, then a chemical container which is filled with Ficam-D, a highly toxic insecticide (to insects) is fitted on top of the poles, then a pump in the bottom end.

From a Health and Safety viewpoint, it saves getting up ladders and exposing yourself to a fall hazard, as well as not having to get right in with a load of angry insects! It is highly effective as well as you can get the lance right into the nest. Our aim is to deliver the exact quantity of powder into the nest – not too much and not too little as we do not want to put unnecessary chemicals into the environment.

We can’t always use the Duststick as it does not suit every job, so we have a whole bunch of other equipment as well so we can cover pretty much everything.

So if you have a wasp nest or a hornets nest, contact us now or call 01635 247192 for a Same Day wasp nest removal service to deal with your pest problem.