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Horse Riding in Morocco

Horse riding is a very big thing in Morocco. The horses are generally very spirited and are totally different in the way they respond in the UK. There are many riding establishments with a variety of activities depending on the location, but if you are staying near the coast a beach ride will be on the list.

There are very few things more enjoyable than galloping along an empty beach in the sun. Early morning rides are the best as the horses are rested, the beaches are empty and the sun is not too fierce first thing, making the experience very memorable.

Most establishments have some safety equipment, but we would recommend if you are doing a little more than a gentle hack (especially a 2 or 3 day trek) that you bring your own equipment. Jodhpurs, chaps and short boots are really useful but definitely a hard hat – see our suggestions below. It is also worth noting that most travel insurance companies will not cover you so it is worth checking that before you go – get the right insurance in place for your trip.

When in the Agadir region, we would suggest and recommend a really friendly ranch in Aourir called Ranch Amodou Cheval. The owner, Adil, speaks perfect English and is a superb host, matching the horse to your ability. The staff are friendly and help you all the time.

The horses are well cared for and cover the full range from beginners to experienced – I am very experienced and always get a full blooded horse, ready to go and my wife gets a more placid one as she is not as experienced.

You can go for a few hours or even on long treks for 2 – 3 days – just depends what you want – the guys will be happy to arrange everything for you

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