Morocco never fails to surprise. When we were in Tifnit, Marek of Hollycow Surf Camps said that he wanted to show me something I would be amazed at, so we left the road and followed dirt track along the coast, about 10km south of Tifnit. I really had no idea where we were going; all I could see was a beautiful sea view from the cliff top road.

We pulled up and stopped at the edge of a pathway leading down to the beach. I thought I was going to be shown a secret fishing place, but as I followed him down the stairs (which had been cut into the rocks), a small village appeared – but one with a major difference!

This village had been built out of the cliff face! Apparently years ago, fishermen used to live in these caves, pretty much all their lives, being passed from father to son.  The King had declared that the caves were the property of the fishermen and not the state, so could be sold. There are some rules which do apply to what can be built, but everybody who has bought a cave wants to keep the natural beauty of the area untouched.

We were invited in to see the bedrooms, living area and kitchen of one of the houses and I have today whilst basic, it was very adequate and comfortable. There is a spring so fresh water is available in or near each cave and the view is spectacular. If you want a new room, you just have to dig it out…how cool is that!

Here are a few pictures of this amazing place, which incidentally does not have a  you can just vanish if you want to! I just have to go back and spend some time here – its amazing.