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At this time of year, a short spring break has got to be on the top or your holiday agenda. With low cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet flying directly from key UK airports to Agadir, the sunshine beach destination of choice in Morocco, it does not have to cost the earth.

When you get there, you will be surprised at how cheap it can be to eat out, travel and to buy those gifts – but don’t forget to haggle as its expected!

If you have not travelled to Morocco or North Africa, you do just have to bear in mind it’s not Europe and the culture is so different and the way of life is also not what you are used to – but don’t let this put you off. Just relax, open your mind and let the Moroccan way flow in. The culture and tradition of Morocco will get under your skin and draw you back time after time – it’s totally addictive!

Why not try something different as well. Don’t just book into a 5 star hotel and live within the grounds, get out in the Medina, go to the Souks, meet the people and share their way of life for a while.

That’s why a villa holiday in the small fishing village of Aourir, just 10km from Agadir is so magical. Villa Ramalah is far enough away for the city of Agadir to be authentic, but close enough to be in the action if you want it. Aourir is a very traditional village, you won’t hear much English spoken here, but for us that’s a good thing.

So why not just contact us to book your short break to Morocco – you will be glad you did!

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