As the weather is getting colder and natural cover is starting die off, rats will look to move to more suitable accommodation. Rapid Pest Control has put together a list of do’s and don’ts to minimise the possibility of your property becoming a rat heaven and their winter residence.

  1. Make sure your dustbin lid fits firmly. Most bins are wheelie bin types these days so make sure you do not over fill them and leave any gaps that a rodent might get in to it. Be selective in what you put inside the bin, making sure all food stuffs are wrapped up in plastic bags if possible to stop the smell attracting unwanted guests.
  2. If you have filled the bin, try not to put additional bin bags out until the morning of collection – especially if there are any food scraps in them.
  3. Most gardens have that corner where all the brick rubble, old bikes and stuff is piled. Try to dispose of this at the local tip etc as this is an ideal habitat for rats. You may not really notice the evidence, but they will be in there.
  4. Clear up any fallen fruit from apple trees etc. Whilst this is not a great job, this is a valuable food source and attracts rats from far and wide to your garden.
  5. Place your mulch heap on top of concrete slabs. Most people now have plastic mulchers and so it is easy to place them on top of slab. Rats love these heaps and will do anything to get inside them, so make sure the trap door fits snugly.
  6. Inspect sheds and outbuilding. Make sure the door fits properly and that there are no holes in the skirting area. If the shed is not placed on concrete or slabs, it will almost certainly be home for a family of rats. If possible, re-site it on a slab of concrete.
  7. Make sure bushes and trees are trimmed so they do not over hang flat roofs of sheds or conservatories, garages etc. Rats will use this as a pathway to your loft if they can.
  8. Do not put loose food out for the birds – especially on the ground. If you have a bird table, rats will easily climb onto them to eat any food left out. If you want to put loose food out, make sure you take it away after a few hours. Better still, use a fat ball and hang from a suitable point so rats cannot get to it.

Finally, if you are in any doubt of what to do or suspect you may have rats, contact your local professional pest control experts, Newbury based Rapid Pest Control. We will be able to offer advice on prevention and deal with any rats you may have.