Pest Control

I was just doing some hideous paperwork for the gas and poisons records, when I turned around to see this picture – there were four dogs crammed on this tiny blanket but by the time I had worked out the iphone camera, one had moved!

The dogs love having “dad” home, but love to come out with me even more. Last week I took the white one at the back out (Holly) with me to a large estate to hunt through the brambles so we could shoot a few rabbits. She has been injured since October and so any chance to come out is jumped at. Unfortunately she will always limp now and so retirement is looming – shame as she is so good.

As you can see Grace, Karen’s new dog I wrote about recently (the one in front), has really settled in now and she and Jasmine (the middle one) have bonded really well. This is good news as Grace will learn so much from her, making training more discipline and obedience than anything else.

Anyway, just though it was a cute picture to share!