One of my customers has a real pet hate about moles.

We first met about a year ago – I had a call saying I had been refered to him as the mole catcher, and so he called me in to take a look at the problem he had.

On arrival, I could see why he hated them. His nice lawn area looked like a herd of wildebeests had crossed!

I asked him why he had not called me out sooner, and he told me that he had used another pest controller to do the job, paid him and enormous amount of money in advance and then promptly dropped a few gas tablets and vanished. After a week, the moles were worse and the outfit wanted to re-charge for a further visit – shame there are so called “professionals” like this in the trade as they do nobody any good.

He also tried to DIY the problem, buying a several traps and having a go – to no success (this takes years to learn to be effective).

I work in a different way, I give a great price and work with the client to sort the problem, taking whatever measures it takes to rid them of the issue and keep costs to a minimum. People appreciate this approach, afterall it is pretty impossible to guarantee you will never get moles back, but the answer is to keep the pressure on them and act quickly when one does appear.

Anyway, this client called me last week, a new mole had arrived after a year, so could I come and sort it for him. I was round the same day and applied the appropriate treatment to rid him of the problem.

On the way out, I noticed a new “mole” had appeared in the border….see the picture below!

His wife or friends had ribbed him so much about the moles before, they obviously had decided to give him a permanent reminder of the problem…!

Moles in the garden

Moles in the garden