There’s me saying what a month November was and WHAM – the weather has gone mental!

It’s about the one thing we can do nothing about. This week has been a disaster.

Normally we work through rain showers and the like – it really is not much fun but all our gear is designed to work in all weathers and we just get togged up in the waterproofs and get on with it.

This week has been a bit different – cold strong winds blowing in freezing rain – it makes hedge cutting to dangerous and even things like weeding is impossible as the ground is water logged. I had even planned for a vine removal from a house – not on your Nelly in this wind.

The boys are really fed up as Christmas is only a few weeks away and we are not working, therefore not earning….so we have managed a few jobs – a bit of hedge cutting, a small garden clearance, a few maintenance contracts and yes I even final cut some grass today (when will it end!)

One good thing about having time in the office is that my paperwork is right up to date, I have carted off a few broken and in need of repair bit of equipment off to Kalehurst Garden Machines and of course this week spent some quality time with the puppy.

Our house used to be calm and the dogs no trouble – now this puppy, which I am sure has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), seems to be everywhere at the same time!

I bought her a toy pheasant from the pet shop and it seems to stop her chewing up everything else in the house (she ate a load of quotes I had prepared yesterday!) but now constantly wants to give it to me – its wet and smelly and I don’t really want it Jazz!

Picture: A moment of peace – No I didn’t shoot her (yet!)

PS we had to change her name too as she didn’t take any notice of Casey – its now Jasmine, or Jazz or Jazzie for short – she is already responding to it – probably because I say it more than anything else at the moment – usually followed by NO!