Imsouane is a small fishing village between Agadir and Essaouira off the main N1 road. The drive from Agadir takes about 2 hours but passess through some incredible spots that make you want to stop and take pictures or get the surf boards off and have a go!

Situated 80km north of Agadir, Imsouane has gained a place in many people’s heart as a surfing paradise. It has two distinct areas, Cathedral Point for the more experienced thrill seekers, and The Bay for the most amazing longboarding rides you will have experienced.

The village is a true working port and many fishing boats are stationed here, launching from the beach in pretty much all conditions. Fresh fish is expertly prepared and served in the many small restaurants along the harbour and surrounding area. Prices are cheap and the hospitality is amazing.

As for the surfing, well all I will say is go. We are not good enough to surf Cathedral Point, but The Bay was heaven. The tide is really strong, so what most people do is walk down the steps at the harbour, paddle out to the end of the sea break and then go from here. The good thing is that there are multiple point breaks right across the bay, so if you want to stay close to shore, there is a still a chance to catch great waves.

There are quite a few hostels and places to stay and most people do a few days or longer here – some of our friends have just decided to move there as they love it so much.

It is very village like, there is no fuel station in the village (the nearest is in Tamri) and most commodities are scarce, so go prepared….but go!

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