Doctors have warned of an increase in diseases spread by birds – particularly ornithosis (also know as cave disease). Urban Pigeons are being blamed for this increase across the country.

The increase of cases seen is being linked to the number of birds, particularly pigeons,  found in towns and cities, and particularly to the amount of faeces being generated by them.

Ornithosis is caught from the dust contained in dried bird faeces which is being breathed in, causing respiratory problems. It is also feared that most cases go undetected for long periods of time as people are unaware of the potential risk associated to bird faeces.

Birds carry the virus in the gut, and once infected, it will always have it. Consequently, any faeces produced by an infected bird will carry the virus too. It can be spread by air as well, so having a pigeon nesting or roosting on a window ledge could be sufficient to spread the disease. Once the faeces dry off, wind will break down the faeces and liberate the virus into the air.

When dealing with birds or their excrement, is it vital a face mask is worn at all times, preferably a full face mask and P3 grade filter. Bird faeces should be treated with a specially designed cleaning agent which kills and decontaminates the affected area, so just washing it off does not always kill the virus.

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