Mole Problems Newbury

At this time of year, there is always a surge in calls from people with mole problems. So whats the reason for this?

Well there are several reasons:

  • The change in weather – more moisture in the soil making tunnelling easier
  • More worms – rain always brings worms to the surface, and the moles will follow
  • Decaying leaf matter attracts worms and moles too
  • More activity in moles due to falling temperature

I always say to clients to call us sooner rather than later Рbasically when 1 or 2 mole hills appear, and not to leave it too long.  Whilst I can understand the reasoning, the problem is far greater to deal with and will eventually cost more to remove as the tunnelling systems become larger and they become more difficult to trap or gas.

Moles fascinate me as they are such vigorous hunters and they move vast amounts of earth, never seeming to stop.

I do feel sorry for them, but the need to control them is very real, so we just have to get on with doing our job quickly and effectively.

Dont forget, call us early if you get a mole hill in the lawn so we can act quickly.