Over the last few days, me and the misses have had a few interesting evenings – nothing at all to do with gardening I know, but nevertheless worthy of a mention as gardening at the moment consists of never ending leaf clearance, rain and mud!

The first one was a strange phone call from Neale and Sam James of Breathe Pictures inviting us up for a curry. Nothing too strange about this one would think, however it was an invite up to the studio, not the restaurant. Both the James’s and us have entered into a bizarre contest in which we both invent imaginative ways to stitch each other up at any and every opportunity, so suspicions were aroused as to what would await us!

On arrival at the studio, the car park was full of cars – again adding to the suspicions. As we entered the studio, a strange smell of Indian cuisine wafted over. Adam Hillier of Verbatim call Centres and wife Emma, Geraldine Curtis of ICL Office Designs and Sams mum were all there dressed in Christmas decorations and hats, each with an Indian dish being photographed.

Apparently, Breathe Pictures had been commissioned to capture “The 12 days of Christmas” for the Indigo Bay Indian restaurant in Newbury and Neale had composed his own version of it and wanted to represent his version in film.

Needless to say, the draft pictures we saw were brilliant, we all got stitched up big time and our images will be on display in the Indigo Bay for future public humiliation – go and check it out!

Revenge will be sweet. I almost feel sorry for Neale already. Almost.

The second evening we had out was with Nigel Morgan of MorganPR and his wife Di. As regular readers will know, Nigel is my marketing and PR guru and we don’t actually get much time to socialise these days so these rare occasions are always welcomed.

On Nigel’s recommendation we went to The Bear in Hungerford. How this has changed from my days living in Hungerford. I can still remember the moth eaten stuffed bear in reception which has long gone(my dog attacked this one night – that’s another story…..). Now its modern, well laid out and stylish.

We had one of those evenings where the stories exchanged, loads of laughter and good company made the time just fly by. I highly recommend the restaurant. The food was great, the atmosphere was just right and the service was attentive and professional.

It was also Nigel’s birthday the next day – I still don’t know how old he is but he isn’t quite as grey as me yet so I am assuming he must be considerably younger than me – unless he is using a hair colour treatment of course!

Oh well back to leaf blowing then.