Pigeon Problems

London Bridge at Dawn

Recently we were asked to get involved in dealing with a slightly larger “pest problem” by one of our clients, so of course we said yes.

The problem involved some 2 legged pests (humans) who decided to attempt to try and gain access to some doorways, then “roost” under the bridge … London Bridge to be exact. So, as you can imagine, our client wanted this stopped and the area secured and cleaned before a real problem could arise.

Pest Problems

Doors Protected by steel plates

Utilising our skills in needle sweeps, cleaning of human excrement and decontamination of urine and other pathogens, as well as our skills in preventing access to likely roosting spots, we first set about the task of confirming the area was safe, removing waste, decontamination and finally proofing the area to stop people using it again.

Once the area was clean and safe, we installed 2 purpose made steel plates over the doors to stop the vandals damaging the doors any further and gaining access, then installed weld mesh at high level to stop any possibility of human (and birds incidently) entry to the voids above. For the steel plates, we used special one-way screws – these are anti tamper screws that once installed will not come out (unless they are ground off) – to ensure a permanent fixing. The Weld Mesh was secured using stainless steel ties and heavy duty clamps, locked in place with Loctite type thread adhesive so there is no way they can be removed.

Weld Mesh

Weld Mesh to stop access to void

Whilst this kind of work falls outside what we would consider normal for us, we always help our clients to solve their problems – I doubt that there are many specialist bird contractors who would get involved in this type of thing – for us it’s about getting it all done.

Regardless of pest problem, be it bird problems, rodent problems, insect problems, (or people pest problems!) contact Rapid Environmental Services now – you never know we may have done this all before – no problem – call 01635 247192 now.