A working holiday on the beach

One thing we have been putting off for quite a time is the decision to up an internet connection and subsequently a TV in the Villa. We are caught between a rock and a hard thing as the last thing we want to do when in Morocco, is watch TV or be connected – in fact it is our opinion that it is great to “disappear” for a week or so away from emails, phones etc.

We have been asking guests what they want, most are in the same frame of mind as us, but when you have kids etc it is difficult to tell them to sit and read instead of watching TV.

One thing we did learn on our last trip is that despite saying to the girls “don’t switch data roaming on” with the smart phone, they do and so posting stuff on Facebook and the like ended up costing our 17 year old about £100 – when will they listen!!

So I think we have to finally relent. We have just got all the info on doing this properly – no point in going at it half heartedly – and true to the King of Morocco’s word, high speed internet is available in Aourir, and the costs are not too bad – about the same as in the UK for a 4Mb feed, including international TV channels (you would not want to watch Moroccan channels!).

So when we are over later this month, we have to go to Maroc Telecom and sign up for the package. This will no doubt please some of our guests – we do have a 2 month booking in Jan/Feb so I am sure this will be very nice for them as well. The other cunning plan is that it allows the wife, Karen, to still run her internet and social media marketing business from the Villa (is there a cunning plan here for her to spend more time in Morocco now?).