Its really funny how jobs seem to come in batches – over the last few months its been grass cutting and jungle busting, now its moving back to more seasonal things – like fencing.

We actually love fencing, strange as it seems. The before and after shots are pretty spectacular and the look on customers faces is even better (note to self – try to capture some on video to add to blog).

Its been pretty quiet on the fencing front since the Nigel Morgan fencing marathon earlier in the summer, thankfully the boys seem to have forgotten the rain, wind and general nasty weather that surrounded that particular job.

Now all of a sudden, the flood gates have opened and I have done a load of quotes over the last few days for fencing – the great news is stock levels of panels and posts seem to have returned to normal and now lead times do not cause us the issues we had.

One really nice job we did was for a letting agent we do some work for. The tenant had no fence for about 9 months and so was overjoyed when I called him to measure up. He was even more happy when I said we would start the following day!

Replacing an old existing fence can be a mine field – this was no exception of course. The previous fencer had done all sorts of wonderful things to the posts, but a good heavy duty Kango from A4 Hire sorted the problem.

In no time at all, we turned a broken horrible fence into a nice new one – even fixing the gates for the neighbour to make it all secure again (all part of the service!)