As soon as the local holidays have finished, for some strange reason, the Authorities have closed all the beaches – against all WHO advice and evidence regarding exercise and open spaces … but that’s Morocco….Surf Camps expecting visitors are devastated and their businesses are doomed to fail.
Anyway, today saw the first small swell and so in go the surfers….only to be chased by the local police. 2 young guys paddled from another surf point to escape just to be chased up the beach by police on foot. The determined police force mobilised all resources including cars and quad bikes trying to catch them but the real irony is they have not spotted the fisherman hidden down in the rocks right below them (fishing is also banned even though his family is probably starving!).
I am awaiting the navy warship to be deployed…..This cat and mouse game will now continue until sundown and the guys will probably escape as the police will eventually become bored.
Several other surfers we know also got chased – this all unfolded right in front of us. One guy managed to get out and the police chased him all up the beach but he was too quick and far to fit, so he escaped into the banana plantation behind us – everyone was cheering him! Whilst another friend paddled for about 4 miles down the coast, sneaked out at a deserted spot, buried his board in the sand, and casually walked home – right through the policemen who were looking for him, only to return later to get his board and wet suit.
It’s time to lift this crazy no sense ban and let the beaches become a haven once more, away from the hardships most people are facing here in Morocco.