No trip to Agadir can be complete without a visit to the Kasbar.

The Kasbar was the centre of Agadir until 1960, when a massive earth quake completely destroyed the old walled city, killing over 2000 people and changing the city forever.

The Kasbar is now a tourist destination and some of the old city Walls still stand in good condition. It also offers amazing views of the new city, beach areas and port areas.

Getting to the Kasbar is easy, you can either get a taxi, drive or for the more energetic you can walk up the old pathway.

As with all tourist places in Morocco, there are plenty of guides and vendors about which can add to the experience, however if you want to view this alone, you must be firm but polite to the people who ask to guide you. this works far better than getting cross, as they soon leave you alone…

Here are just a few images of the Kasbar and views.