Fencing Newbury

As one of our specialities is fencing of all types, its no wonder we get quite a few calls to deal with fencing problems.

We were called to a house in Thatcham that had received some pretty sever damage from 2 legged pests – kids mostly – who decided it was a really good idea to kick and punch holes through the old lap larch panel fences in their garden, and could we suggest a solution to the problem.

We came up with several options, however the best one  for cost verses robustness came out to be Close Board panels. These are a slightly cheaper alternative to the industrial style Close Board fences which are mostly used for utility purpose (which we also do of course), but offer very similar hard wearing properties.

The day we did this job was just foul. It started to drizzle almost as soon as we got there and got heavier and harder throughout the day. We also discovered the previous fence had been fixed with hardened concrete so the guys at Newbury Tools supplied a Kango Breaker otherwise we would still be there now.

This job could not be left unsecured so it had to be finished regardless of the weather, so we just got on with it.

Finally we finished just as the rain stopped, typical!. Rarely have I been that wet – it even soaked through to my underwear.

Anyway, job done, customer very happy and secure again.

Those little darlings will struggle to punch a whole through those panels!

Other types of fencing projects we get involved in are:

  • Panel Fencing (Lap Larch Fencing)
  • Close Board Fencing
  • Rabbit Fencing
  • Stock Fencing
  • Deer Fencing
  • and of course Hedge Laying

If you have a fencing issue and would like a quote for fencing (we do work out very competitive indeed) please call us on 01635 247192 or contact us via the website