Rubbish is always a problem here in Morocco.

However this year there has been a new and refreshing approach to the issues we are seeing in Aourir, Imoran Beach, Banana Beach and Tamraght.

This year, the Commune and local government have been working with the Royal Surf Club Association’s president Abdullah Elghazal to get the beaches and surrounding areas cleared of rubbish, deploy bins on the beach, educate visitors to use the bins, and have a team of cleaners who systematically rotate cleaning activities covering our local beaches.

Furthermore, a group of local businesses and residents have offered sponsorship to run some children’s events (providing a hot meal for over 200 children) and activities, along with rubbish collection activities.

The difference has been amazing. Whilst it is hard work, once the worst is collected, regular rubbish sweeps keep the beaches really clean. The bins also have helped significantly as providing a waste facility close to beachgoers removes any excuse for just dumping and running.

In the past, clearing the rubbish has been left to willing local volunteers and residents, with a few beach cleanups arranged by surf camps, so we are hopeful this arrangement will continue for the winter season as well as the summer season as the results are clear.

I understand that over 10 tonnes of rubbish has been collected and removed from the beach and surrounding areas, which is truly amazing!

I want to offer a big thanks to Abdullah and the President of the Commune for this initiative and look forward to assisting where possible.

Pictures courtesy of Abdullah Elghazal – all rights acknowledged