I was on a job today to remove a forest of 30foot tall Leylandii trees which had grown out of control.

This brought back to my mind a debate on these fast growing trees which when kept tame make a great hedge for noise reduction, privacy and lets face it when trimmed properly look great.

Much “blood” has been spilled over the trees; neighbours literally come to blows over these trees and many Court cases have been fought to remove them from blocking light/encroaching etc.

The Law was changed recently to make this more clear; however the onus has now fallen to the victim rather than the perpetrator (seems a common thing these days in our legal system!!).

The law states that no hedge or tree border should exceed 2Metres in height. That’s fine but if you complain about your neighbours hedge, it is you who has to pay for removal or shortening. Also, if by trimming the hedge to an acceptable height threatens the life of such a tree, you cant do it anyway!

The world has gone mad once more.

In my view, keep them short and trimmed and you don’t get issues – if they are causing grief, cut them down. Life is too short for legal battles afterall.

A big thanks to my old mate Eddie Powers for the use of his excellent chipping machine, and to my other willing helpers today who slaved tirelessly for a few beers at the weekend.

Call me if you want to get advise on these darned trees.

PS Forgot the camera today, so no before or after shots (shame cos these were monsters!)- but there are some happy Turnpike residents tonight, minus their Leylandii problem.