Over the last few weeks we have been totally flat out with work. The extraordinary weather has made life very interesting as people are calling us non-stop trying to fit in the last job before winter sets in.

We have done some really nice jobs – from the normal garden clearance to erection of children’s climbing frames and swings.

Several really nice jobs of note:

Clearance of a very overgrown bank in Whitchurch on Thames for a very nice lady who seems to have had a constant problem with the bank on her property. It a bit of an odd one as there really isn’t much you can do with it – but we are discussing a few ideas and hope to do some more work here shortly. I am forgetting to take the “before” pictures but here is some “after” pictures. The bank was covered in brambles to about 8ft tall and all sorts of other stuff too.

Scarification of lawns

We had a scarifier on hire from A4 Hire in Hungerford for a week and went around to loads of our customers just getting the lawns scarified. We recommend this is done at least once a year to ensure all ther old grass mass and moss is raked out before winter ensuring new fresh grass can come through in the spring. People are amazed at what comes out of the lawn in respect of the shear quantities of rubbish. One of our customers has a massive lawn and it literally took us all day to do – but it has made a huge difference.

Fencing has really kicked off again and we have already done quite a few fences in the last month – everything from replacing damaged panels to picket fencing for a dog friendly area on a new development in Thatcham.

Garden Clearances

We are still doing loads of garden clearances for letting companies or people who are selling their properties – some of the jobs are just unbelievable – but the difference after we have been is incredible. I have been negligent in capturing photos but this tend to happen with us so busy.

One really nice job we are part way through at the moment is a really pretty cottage in East Ilsley. This property has had a load of work done to it recently and so its our turn to sort out the garden. The existing garden was not really in character for the cottage and the front garden had become a real mess of plants. We have now re-turfed and cleared the front – all the villagers who walked past gave the comments and approval!

We have started on the back garden and cleared most of the borders ready for planting and will be building a raised vegetable garden over the coming few weeks to finish off this great project.

Maintenance contracts

We have increased the number of contracts quite radically over the last few weeks. This involves basic closing down the garden in readiness for the spring – pruning fruit trees and weeding boarders etc as well as hedge cutting etc.